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Here we provide tools for free use in the belief that doing so will help others as well as our own mission. At this point, we have one project available, EmailAddress.java.

Stay tuned -- we hope to make more useful stuff available -- and do let us know if you use any of our tools!

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Based on code by Les Hazlewood

Current version 1.13

Last updated 2013-Sep-21

By Casey Connor


The only more-or-less-2822-compliant Java-based email address extracter/verifier with some header verification as well. Reasonably, Javamail's InternetAddress class does not have a very robust parser, and often "fails" silently (technically not a failure, but not suitable for those that need to extract addresses accurately and predictably). This class can reliably extract the pertinent information from any well-formed address, as well as perform several other useful functions relating to addresses and email headers. Version 1.13 fixes a rare long-recursion bug.

Comments/corrections/questions welcome, to the email address listed in the documentation.