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Boxbe is the easy-to-use free service that organizes your inbox and eliminates your email overload.

Be more efficient and productive by customizing your inbox to your specific needs. A real time-saver.

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Boxbe prioritizes mail from your contacts and commercial senders you trust.

Press Mentions
The New York Times
Buzz about Boxbe
"My ~10 year old Yahoo account is manageable once again."
- George B.
"This is the most important email advance since Gmail in my book. It's an entirely disruptive technology that serves as an electronic gatekeeper."
- Boxbe for Yahoo!
"It does a great job of filtering my mail."
- Anna R.
"I like that it gives me a chance to stop accepting emails from companies I don't use any longer."
- Boxbe for Yahoo! user
"I like this service because it is different from anything else I have experienced. I want others to have the same opportunity."
- Boxbe for Yahoo! user
"I am a supporter, and I think your stuff generally works."
- Boxbe for Yahoo! user
"I've been happy with the results that I've noticed and recommended it for those same reasons."
- Richard S.
"The program has eliminated alot of scrolling through unwanted emails just to get to the emails that I need to review."
- Patricia B.
"I was about to abandon my yahoo account. now i don't have to. thanks!"
- Sharon S.
"I think Boxbe is awesome!"
- Boxbe for Yahoo! user
"I really like it and how it allows me to define what is and isn't spam."
- Brent C.
"Can't get any easier to use."
- Boxbe for Yahoo! user
"It catches the rest of the stuff Yahoo spam doesn't so that my Inbox is spam-free."
- Tabatha L.
"I think it's a cool service. A service that needs a little work, but cool enough to tell others about it."
- Ronnie M.
"Everyone needs this."
- Cindi G.
"I think it is wonderful."
- Darlene B.
"I don't know of any other service that does this, and it seems like such a perfect solution."
- Robin L.
"Thanks for fixing my Yahoo! I'd given up on using it about a year ago, and set it to vacation response. Now all those business cards are usable again. ;)"
- Joseph K.
"You've tamed the red tide of junk mail in here. I see the real results in 1.5 days, literally within a day and a half, all the mail I want is in my in-box, and the stuff I don't is in the pending folder."
- Andre L.
"You've got a big fan, and one who will share the information with friends soon."
- Boxbe for Yahoo! user
"I just wanted to thank your company for creating such a great product. Before Boxbe, I was receiving hundreds of unsolicited/spam emails with my Yahoo account. Now I only see who I want to see!"
- James C.
"Thank so much for your service. I think Boxbe is an advantage for people in the world. Boxbe is my real assistant in security."
- Boxbe for Yahoo! user