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Using Boxbe with Google Apps

We're bringing the power of Boxbe, which protects your email account and ensures delivery of email from friends, family and coworkers to Google Apps, one of world's most popular providers of email.

You don't have to leave Google Apps to enjoy the benefits of using Boxbe. Boxbe's Waiting List and our one-click approval process are tightly integrated into Google Apps so using Boxbe to protect your email has never been easier.


Integrates directly into Google Apps Mail

No need to come to the Boxbe Web site to view messages on your Waiting List. We'll move all your unwanted messages into a new folder in your existing Google Apps mail account. Your Boxbe Waiting List folder will contain all the messages from guests you haven't yet approved.


Approve senders within Google Apps Mail

Clicking the "Approve" link within your waitlisted message adds the sender to your Guest List and moves the message to your Google Apps mail account inbox. From then on, you'll find all new messages you receive from that sender in your inbox.


Find messages you want easily

We've added the Boxbe Junk Score to the subject line of all messages in your Waiting List. You can easily search messages in the Waiting List using the Google Apps mail search tool.

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